Semuliki Rift Valley National Park

The park is the eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest, forming part of the forest continuum from the Congo, the richest area for both flora and fauna in Africa. This reserve is also a rich mosaic of grassland and wetland habitats.
The fauna is correspondingly diverse, with the Uganda kob being the most common large mammal. There are also forest elephant, chimpanzees, buffalo, antelope, leopards and various monkey species. Of the 400 bird species recorded, the Shoebill Stork is regularly seen at close quarters on Lake Albert.
Popular attractions here are the healing hot springs at Kitagata and Sempaya (Two meters of jet hot water [130oC] and a pool (12m diameter) of boiling water [106oC]), fantastic scenery, a forest jungle walk, birding, primate viewing and the meandering River Semuliki.
The wildlife in Semuliki is breathtaking especially for birders and those who love primates, butterflies and plants. When you take the jungle walk, which usually takes you right up to River Semuliki, with some luck, you will see forest buffaloes and elephants, statungas, leopards, pigmy hippopotamus, crocodile primates and a wide range of forest and water birds.