About Virunga Adventure Tours

 Virunga Adventure Tours
Virunga Adventure Tours is a Tours and safari company in Uganda offering an unforgettable voyage into Uganda “the pearl of Africa” and Rwanda “the land of thousand hills” giving you a privileged insight into the fascinating world of Virunga Volcanoes, The land of Mountain Gorillas. For over 15 years, Virunga Adventure Tours has been at the forefront of great ape ecotourism and continues to be a leader in Uganda and Rwanda luxury gorilla safari holidays.

The spectacular African landscapes and wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda offer a diverse range of safari activities. Tracking the mountain gorilla through the misty forests of Bwindi and the Virungas, spotting game on the vast savannah plains that lie in the western arm of the Great East African Rift Valley, tracking chimpanzees our closest cousins in Kibale National park, visting the source of River Nile, hiking Virunga Volcanoes, meeting the local people and understanding their culture makes it a truly unique safari

Virunga Adventure Tours promotes conservation and community development through supporting Mgahinga Community Development Organisation, a local NGO, which is implementing Golden Monkey conservation research,community-based tourism, student sponsorship, community education and micro-finance programs. For more information www.mcdou.org